Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Polaroid Pogo Printer

Whilst blog hopping a few weeks ago I visited The SometimesCrafter and the author was discussing about finding a small printer to take on holiday so that snaps could be printed on the go and that a journal or diary could be created at the time rather than waiting until you get home.  I read on....
I googled some of the items that were discussed and the Polaroid Pogo really took my eye.  It was released in 2008 so yet again I am several years behind but never mind!
I spent the rest of the evening finding reviews, feedback, specifications and outlets.  
It comes in black and pink!!! Yes! Pink.
You can also get a Polaroid Pogo combi camera but seeing as I have a perfectly good digital camera I decided to just go for the Pogo Printer itself.
 I took it away on holiday and used it several times but my real reason for buying one was to be able to put pictures in my smallest of sketchbooks and to make up my own labels and business cards.  The Poppy Seeds above feature in my Sketchbook Delight online classs I am doing but I shall say more on that another time.
Anyway, the Pogo does not need any print cartridges and the prints are self adhesive so I made a few up a few labels to use when I did my last craft fair.
The prints measure 3inches by 2 inches and even though this may not sound very big they are ideal for what I want and would be great for scrap booking and card making as well.
The front lifts up and you put a whole pack of 10 sheets in.  There is a blue bar code card at the bottom and this has to be fed through before any printing can be done, the Pogo does this automatically.  There is actually several You tube videos on this, just type in Polaroid Pogo.  They are worth watching to see the Pogo on action.  
My camera is then attached to the USB on the side of the Pogo and I then follow the instructions on my camera and clicking print out comes a picture of the poppy seeds.
You can get quite addicted to using it.  It can be used via bluetooth with a mobile phone and I have got it to print from my netbbok via bluetooth too.  Not bad considering most techie things seem to work against me!
Please do not consider this as a product review it is just how I have been using it and to pass on how pleased I am with it.  For once something that actually does what it says it will. 

I was lucky enough to have a hubby who visited a company where the owner had a Pogo and was happy for my hubby to try it with my camera because the write up does say that it needs Pictbridge to work.  My camera is just under two years old and it works fine with the Pogo and as far as I am aware it does not have Pictbridge.  This was my main concern and something that you would also need to check.

 If the original picture you took is good then I have found the quality of these minature pics to be good as well.  In fact one of a flower taken last summer is a perfect match in colour etc.
I bought this one from Amazon plus a promotion pack of 100 sheets and when printed they work out at abut 10pence each or less.   But no printer cartridge is needed.  It uses Zink photo paper and is done with heat transfer, Amazon explains it better!
All in all a nifty little gadget which Sophie has also had fun using and has been worth the £40  it cost!  It will also add a new dimension to my sketchbooks without having to trim off most of the picture to fit in my book.  It will also be a holiday must and a new case will now need to be made, so even more fun to be had.
Has anyone else tried one of these.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Isn't technology grand, Andrea? Your Pogo looks like it's great fun, too!
Thanks for sharing. (Love the images)

Jill Eudaly said...

I have never heard of this Pogo..but I think I need one!

Thanks for the write up!

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