Saturday, 28 April 2012

Beautiful Batik

A couple of months ago I ran a workshop for ART textiles so students to come along and try out skills before choosing their options.  The government has now brought in a three year KS4 programme so opting now takes place in Year 8.  
Seems rather young to me to have to think about it seeing as the students have only seen at secondary school for about 5 terms.
17 students came along and we decided to try techniques that they would not have done before.BATIK is a lot of fun and a bit unpredictable but that is a part of its charm.  We ran a similar workshop for Year 9 just after Christmas but these samples turned out better considering they are a year younger.
Due to the lack of time we used silk paints as they are very bright and move through the fabric faster.  Fabric paints are much thicker and harder to blend the colours directly on to the fabric if you are not used to it.
They had great fun and there were lots of "OHHH's" and Wows".  There course will be running with these students and their work has been put up on the wall for display.
I now need to write a new course and make up loads of samples and begin a working sketchbook.  So I shall be posting lots of things here and there on this blog over the coming months with ideas that you may like to try.  I am going to talk to the web site designer this weekend and I hope to stock some items linked to my posts in my shop.

You can view my shop but it is not open to orders yet.  I need to change some of the items and put the prices in pounds sterling as I have had a change of heart about that bit.

I also hope to have a Sample Sale section where I shall be selling my prototype items at very reduced prices and due to that it will be fore UK buyers only unless my arm can be twisted otherwise.
You might like to take a quick look.


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Tatkis said...

Wow, those batik works are beautiful - I can imagine your students had a lot of fun :)
Good luck with your new course!


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