Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Competition Winner is...............

Many thanks to those of you who entered.  Many more entries than my last giveaway which makes more of a contest out of it.
I used the Random Number Generator and tried to do a print screen but I have been having a few problems with the Internet speed this week so you will have to take my word for it as the print screen would not work.
Anyway.....number 11 came up which is
So if you could send me your mailing address I shall send your prize at the weekend.
I loved the suggestions and the offer of some help with the website building which I shall certainly take up.
I am serious about doing this as I have decided to look at my working life very carefully.  I have made enquiries about starting up some evening classes/ workshops and I have had some interest already.  So I am looking into hiring the room that the little sewing group I attend use on a Wednesday and take it from there.
Sourcing supplies will be the next job as I have been saving some money as I want to stock items that I find difficult to get my hands on locally.
I have been working on some patterns rather than finished items so that they can be send electronically all over the world.  I have three on the go at the moment and my Halloween Bag pattern is in my Etsy shop at the moment. 
I shall let you know what I decide to so with the name once I have sounded out some of the suggestions given.  Great to see some new visitors in the comment section and I hope you will some back as I like to hear from new bloggers.
Been a busy week and I am fending off a cold as my ears are blocking up!!  Could be of benefit as I have a textiles lesson with Year 8 tomorrow!
Take care and keep warm.


Carol said...

Glad you are able to accept the award.
Congratulations to Tatkis, I'm sure you'll love your prize.
I think workshops could be a good way for you to go, I'm sure they would be popular.
I went into a local shop today enquiring about Quilt/Patchwork workshops and they hadn't any leaflets left as there was so much interest. I've decided to sign up for a one day/6 hour workshop to make a Valentine Quilt. Excited about it already!
Hope you manage to fight off the cold.
Carol xx

Tatkis said...

Wow! Me! I'm so happy!
Thanks Andrea, I'll write to you immediately!


Pomona said...

It sounds like you have some really exciting ideas on the boil - let me know if you need any testers for your patterns, I would be happy to help. I know what you mean about Y8 - my daughter is in that year, and I am noticing!!

Pomona x

Toffeeapple said...

Well done Tatyana, enjoy your prize.

The workshop/class sounds like a good idea,I hope it works out for you.

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