Thursday, 26 January 2012

Website Name Competition

Over the past year I have pondering about setting up a website.   I did dabble in this a few years ago. I have been considering whether to do a blogshop or a www website.  I have been spending the last few months investigating several options and tonight I have been looking at Create.
However, my question is......what shall I call it?
Shall I keep it Indigo Blue?  I have all of the stickers, labels etc as I have used this name since about 2008.
Shall I go for something else like "Stitched Creations" with a different colour scheme?
After all I do create items using a range of techniques such as the cushion above.
So here is what I thought we could do.
I was going to post a giveaway for my 4th blog anniversary last September but my Dad passed away then my 800th post but Tiger was very ill, plus work etc.  So I thought that now I could have a website site naming propsal Giveaway and do all three together.
All you need to do is leave a comment here with your suggestion.  Regulars will now what I make.  If you are not sure then there is a link to my Etsy shop (which could also do with a make over) and make a suggestion for a website name that suits what I make and feature on this blog and sell currently on Etsy.
You can enter as many times as you like but put a different suggstion in a different comment as the number generator will not recognise the number of suggestions you are making.
I will then use the number generator and pick a winner(s) and send a prize from my growing Giveaway Bag but it will be of a fabric-ribbon-magazine, useful lovely type of prize.
I will feature this tomorrow as I have just thought of this and not taken any pictures.
Anyone can take part.  You do not have to become a follower but it is an easy way to find the results post in your Dashboard to see if you have won.

So my creative friends get thinking and I am keen to see what you come up with.
Deadline for this is next Tuesday 31st January at midnight.
I shall post the prize pics tomorrow.  I also have some good news but I have to wait until tomorrow to tell you.


Carol said...

I don't think you could do better than Indigo Blue.
Carol xx

heartsofhampshire said...

I am already a follower. How about the name Indigo Blue Twwwo? That keeps tha fab name. But indicates the website bythe triple w. Or Indigo Blue Too?

Hayley said...

I really like Indigo Blue but if you were thinking of stitched creations what about putting the two together like "Indigo Blue creations" or "Indigo stitches"? Just a thought.

Hope this helps
Hayley x

PS I know have put the two ideas on seperate comments but im happy with the one entry :)

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I think to stay with your Indigo Blue but give it a slight twist like, "Creatively Yours by Indigo Blue" Angela x

Toffeeapple said...

I like Heather's idea, after all, you have established the name Indigo Blue and it seems to make sense to me that you keep the 'corporate' image but add to it to differentiate from the original.

Good luck with the venture, whatever the name!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

What about "Indigo Blue . . . stitched creations" or something like that where you kept your Indigo Blue name (and it's familiarity/recognition) but added a tag line of what it is that you do! This would be the best of both worlds, I think ; )

Josie said...

sorry not much of a suggestion, all I could think of...

Indigo Blues & Twos...because you make two types of items,cards and crafts.

Josie x

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sweetness:
I'm so excited for you to start a website. How wonderful for you! So, I'm thinking Indigo Blue is your "brand" so you want to stick with it, but perhaps "Indigo Blue To Go"? I've got another one, but I'll post a separate comment.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Idea Two: "Indigo Blue Emporium" or "Indigo Blue Online Emporium"


heartsofhampshire said...

Another thought- Indigo Blue Unlimited....


Tatkis said...

I wish you good luck with all those site changes!
Indigo Blue is quite recognizable name, may be Indigo Blue Craft House?


Lynn said...

I am thinking that the names are just endless. But,y ou have been Indigo Blue for so long and it is so familiar to everyone, perhaps you should keep it. It is original and a great name. No matter what name you choose, we will all be with you!

gill said...

I like the Indigo Blue name and I think you should keep it!!
Perhaps just add something to it!

chrissie said...

It would be a shame to lose the Indigo Blue name as that is instantly recognisable. How about adding something to it ... Like Indigo Blue Creates or Indigo Blue Makes or IB crafts etc etc. Good luck xx

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