Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Romero Britto - Inspiration

This year I have been teaching two Year 8 groups ART.  I have been following a set of lessons and I have really enjoyed it.  The theme is PopArt and I have done this theme before on my degree course and knew several of the artists being looked at but not Romero Britto.  When I carried out some research and looked at other examples of his work I thought QUILTS and STITCHING!!!
The picture above is one example of his work.
He was born in Brazil in 1963 and showed a talent for art from an early age.  He is influenced by PopArt to reproduce Neo Pop.  His work has clean, bold, colourful and patterned images.
I can see the above picture as a wall hanging using applique and quilting.  I have seen some work where this has been done.
Lots of lovely bright colours to cheer up these dark wintry days.
Lots of fun images which are fun and easy to relate to and to have a go at drawing.
Thick black lines separate the areas of colour, and bit like a stained glass window or thick applique binding.
Very graphical images.
I like this apple painting, I could imagine other fruit and vegetables being used to create other ideas.
So, tomorrow I shall show you some of my own pages using this artist as inspiration.  So get your felt tips out and have a go as well.


Tatkis said...

Such beautiful paintings!! Really like crazy patchwork and stitching :)
Thank you for sharing!


Indigo Blue said...

The youngsters really like using this artist as their inspiration, it is within their graps to give it a go.

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