Monday, 28 November 2011

Copying Craft Work - How do you feel?

I have just read a blog whereby the post writer has admitted to seeing an idea at a craft fair and then going home, copying it and then posting how to do it on the Internet! 
Now, if the crafter had put it on Youtube or any other medium then I suppose that it goes with the territory, whether it is moral or not.  However, I do not think it is fair to copy an idea and then without consent,  post how to make the item on a craft blog.
What do you think?
As you know, I do the odd craft fair and I bet someone is copying my ideas somewhere, but to actually post it on a craft blog where other crafters may have probably had their work copied at some time or other are viewing the post seems to make it worse.
I do not think that it is setting a very good example.  I am not a saint, but I acknowledge credit if I am using an inspiration from elsewhere and I certainly do not copy  (see work inspired by Romero Britto recently) as I think it would show what a BAD crafter I would be if all I could do was copy.
I am not so naive not to realise that items I put here could be viewed by someone somewhere in the world who is copying them, although I did track down the Turkish blog that took chunks of my blog and emailed the editor about it.  Tracking back your visitors enables you to monitor this.   But really, we should be supporting handmade and setting an example, not contributing to the problem of copying

Use work to inspire - credit/ask permission/ produce your OWN angle on the idea -  then share if you wish.
Am I just on my soapbox?  I have had a good day at work so it is not that, but this particular post did niggle me a bit.
I was going to leave a comment on said blog, but hubby thought I might be on the receiving end of some backlash so I have used my own blog and not mentioned any names.
Craft fairs are a showcase for individual work, (often little or no profit is made) not for pinching ideas.  The main fun is finding out how you could make it differently, using different materials etc.
Ok, time to get grumpy off said soap box, and yes I am doing another craft fair in 2012.
Take care and keep crafting.


Sandy said...

I think it is only fair to give credit where credit is due, no matter where you got the idea from. To claim it as your own idea when it is not is just wrong.

Twiggy said...

I like the cutoutandkeep website, if you post a tutorial it asks you to mention if it's a variation on someone elses idea. This is great too as you can then view the different versions of the same idea.
twiggy x

Josie said...

good post, a lot of craft people make similar things anyway, peg bags, lavender hearts, bags, mobile cases etc so how can you tell who is copying who!

I looked on a very popular blog a while ago, she makes embroidered bags and another blog was making exactly the same bag!

Josie x

Pomona said...

It must be very irritating to have your ideas copied - and worse than irritating if this is the way that you are making a living. I do sympathize with your feelings.

Pomona x

Kim said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I think the whole point of creativity is to be just that - creative. Looking around at craft fairs etc is a brilliant way of gathering together ideas and such, and seeing what others are getting up to. But the main thing is that you should take these ideas home and develop them so that they become your own. I've no issue with people working back an idea they've seen somewhere else (I often did this when I was learning to knit/crochet because it helped me understand the structure of each craft more, but I always kept these experiments to myself and wouldn't dream of then writing them up to share).

Sorry for the rant! And good luck with your next craft fair :)

Kim x

Jill Eudaly said...

I think many people go to craft shows looking for ideas. Most say "I can make that but never get around to it". As for taking the idea...if it's simple well maybe. I have to say I often see the same things at craft shows and know they got their ideas out of books or TV shows. There is nothing new under the sun as they say. But if you come up with something original, get published or sell on Etsy first..then maybe YOU can be known for it before everyone else copies. Craft shows are fair game it seems,be it right or wrong. And blogs are where we blab.

Jill Eudaly said...

P.S. There are a lot of people who can only copy or follow instruction when making art. They CAN NOT dream up original ideas. They have to copy.

Lynn said...

I agree with you Andrea. You should always give credit to the designer.

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