Saturday, 5 November 2011

Colour Zentagle Patterns

This is one of my early attempts of trying a more flowery look to the pattern.  Not quite sure if I pulled it off or not and it did get a little untidy towards the edges of the paper, but on the whole it was a good start.  I used artist cartridge paper and a black fine liner pen.  I added some detail with a black felt tip pen.
This was the second attempt and I have since added more black to the background areas to bring the shapes out more.  I have yet to take a picture of it.
This was again done with a much thinner pen nib and I have added more detail with a thicker sharpie pen.  I have to admit that I prefer the doodle with the thicker pen.
Again, an early attempt and I wanted to see what it would look like of colour was added.  So I used some watercolour paints.  It turned out alright but I think much stronger colours would have looked much more striking.
I stopped doing this one as I did not like the background and I could not salvage it!
I really love doing these patterns and I think that I have maybe started something with the Year 7 Textiles group, especially as a few said that other members of the family joined in and also had a go and creating some patterns!


Toffeeapple said...

I tried doing Zentangle but it didn't flow for me at all. Yours look good, is there some 'secret' to getting the rhythm?

Barbara said...

You are doing great with your Zentangles!! You've got quite a talent for it.

Hugs XX

Oh I like the color added.

Indigo Blue said...

When I started it did not 'flow; for me either but I liked it so much that I kept having a go. I think that I now understand what I should be doing.xx

Tatkis said...

Adorable pictures!
Another time when I wish I could draw :)


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