Sunday, 23 October 2011

Kind Thoughts and Gestures - Thank you

The above card arrived in the post on Friday.  It is from Lise in Australia and also known as The Chocolate Cat.
It is sending thoughts and good wishes for me and my family for the past weeks and it is such a lovely thing to do.  We have never meet but have been in touch since Lise took part in my first swap back in 2008.  It is also typical of fellow bloggers but especially craft bloggers.  Many thanks for all of the comments on the last post and emails that I recieved. Sorry if it was a bit cryptic but that was how I felt at the time.  Actually typing the facts was too much.  Although many of you worked it all out.
 Another friend, much closer to home, gave me a white orchid.  She wanted to do something but was not sure what, hence the lovely orchid.  Honesty put forward and a lovely flower to boot, a proper friend in my book, does anyone really know what to say?
I shall be back soon but not just yet, it has not even been a month and adjusting to the loss of a parent takes time.  I have started to do some making and tonight I did open up my sewing table in the attic and tidy it up.  I have added some makes to my OPAM 2011 list and made some knitted cupcakes but that is all.  Trying to concentrate at work has taken all of my effort and everyone has been great, except one person but I suppose everywhere has at least one thick skinned individual who can only put themselves first.
So, a few more days as I need  to go away and there is no Internet access to speak of but later next week I hope to have some happier things to show you and write about.
Again, many thanks for your kind words and taking the time to write them.


clare's craftroom said...

As you know I lost my mum last Christmas and some days are so bleak . Some days are ok too .We all grieve and cope at our own pace , if there is anything I can do please let me know xxx

Sarita Boyette said...

It is devastating to lose a parent - I know, as both of mine are gone. I miss them so much. May the love of your friends, family, & us blog friends help you in your time of sorrow. xoxo

Toffeeapple said...

Take your time, don't rush back too soon. We'll be patient. Hugs.

wonderwoman said...

My mum died unexpectedly in June - it was a huge shock so i understand how you are feeling. Am sending you a huge hug. Xxxx

Twiggy said...

When my darling Dad died I felt like someone had turned the light off and still miss him all the time, 9 years on. The whole axis of your life has shifted so be good to yourself, it takes a long, long time to adjust, in my experience.
I know how you feel and send you big hugs.
twiggy x

Julie said...

Take your time and be good to yourself while you try to come to terms with your loss. I have lost someone very special to me this year, a very dear friend of 99 who was more like family, and I miss her dreadfully. It's early days and you have to allow yourself to grieve. Time away from the internet is no bad thing so don't worry. Well done for finding some time for your sewing room :-)

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