Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Shower room update

Hi, I am posting from my In-laws house tonight.  We have just had a lovely dinner and are now listening to Sophie strumming on her guitar. 
So, an update.  The above pictures are from Monday, the toilet has been moved to face the opposite way which is where the taps were on the bath.  We had to have a new floor as we found out that there was a problem with uneven joists which would explain why we had problems with draining and the level of the floor for so long.
This picture shows where the toilet was and this is where the sink and vanity unit will go.  Believe it or not, it is starting to take shape.  There has been a lot of plumbing involved today so it does not look like very much as been done, but most of it is under the floor boards.
We have now moved onto and after a hic cup with the tiles, no fault of the tiler or our builder.  The titles were delivered at 40pm!  The Tiler also does carpentry so whilst waiting he set about hanging at door hinges round as we have decided to hang the door so that it opens the opposite way round.  It will gives us more room and will not bang into the shower cubicle.
Today we found the tiler putting up the wall tiles.  They are quite large and there was plenty of cutting round awkward shapes.  Looking good though and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon all of the tiles will be on the wall and the shower cubicle will be in. 
It is great when you see your idea for a room which is put together in your heads actually coming together and you still like it!
Hubby should be back tomorrow if the weather stays fine and the plane can take off.
No more making today but my first fashion illustration lesson was met with ooo's and wow's so that was a good start.

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Toffeeapple said...

I hope it all goes smoothly and you end up with exactly what you wanted. I'd love to change my bathroom into a shower room but it seems to be awfully expensive.

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