Monday, 15 August 2011

Professor Layton and the Curious Village - nearly there.....

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Years ago I bought a Nintendo DS for games such as scrabble, wordsearches and really enjoyed using it.  A year or so back I gave it to Sophie as I found the DSXL with the bigger screen much better for my old eyes.  I had seen the Professor Layton series before but was not sure.  Then at Easter I visited my Mum who had a copy, plus a few others, so I took the opportunity to give it a go!
Well I am hooked!!!
I have been working on the rather difficult puzzles for months and I can put it down and pick it up as and when I get the time.  You can save what you have done as you go along.
The graphics are very good and after a bit or getting used to how it all works it is easy to navigate.  Sophie and I have worked on some of the puzzles together and on a few occasions she has worked it out when I had given up.
I brought it with me on holiday and I have made so much progress that I am close to the end.  I am now trying to solve some puzzles that even the whole house are having problems solving.  I have needed a pen and paper for working some of them out which is good as a few times I have forgotten to save and had to re-do some of the puzzles.
The games may cost a bit and you can get them cheaper on Ebay and Amazon, I have had hours and months of fun out of these and Sophie will be borrowing them next.  They are good for exercising the brain, frustrating but hard to put down.
I am determined to have this solved before I go back to work. 
Has anyone tried any of the other Professor Layton games, which one should I try next?  I did exam marking again this year so I could treat myself to another game.  It should see me through the cold dark evenings leading up to Christmas!


clare's craftroom said...

I haven't tried anything like this but my daughter has one that she doesn't use much anymore so now I neeed to give this a go ! It looks fantastic !

crazymotheringchick said...

I love Professor Layton! My son knows how much I love him, and buys me new ones as they come out. I am currently working on The Diabolical Box.

essays online said...

thanks for sharing.

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