Friday, 8 July 2011

An arty treat...

I plan to sign up for an online watercolour sketchbook course over the summer holidays. I have been thinking about it for some time. It is hosted by Alisa her sketchbooks and ideas are so eye catching and inspiring her blog is a joy to look at.

I had a paint box which I bought a while ago but you can not replace the colour bits and try as I might I could not track down any paint shapes that would fit. So I decided to get a new one and I gave my old one to Sophie who is thrilled with it. The paint box had a little thumb loop on the back and she thinks this is "so cool".

After much searching both locally and on the Internet plus a bit of dithering in the process I settled on this set and I found it on Amazon.
Each colour can be replaced separately and re-arranged should you want to. There are dividers which come out should you want less paint and more space to put other things such as a rubber. It comes with a pencil.

There is also a thin retractable paint brush and putty rubber. Now I used putty rubbers at college and never really got on with them. So I cut it in half and made room for a mini black sharpie pen and a sharpener. I am really pleased with it and it fits easily in my bag but also my handbag. I have already used it for my sketchbook challenge work and I have signed up for an ATC swap, which I must get on with.

I have been a bit absent this week as I have decided after a four year gap to take up exam marking again. The principal of marking is fine, I have over ten years experience, what I have been getting used to it marking online with a computer. There have been words hurled at my computer but I think we are now much better friends today.

I have finished making some items for my 700 post giveaway based on the suggestions made and it shall be posted this weekend.

Many thanks for visiting even when I am not around, it is appreciated.



Barbara said...

Well I'm going to have to check out Alexis Burke since you speak so highly of her. I really like the new paints you got. Pretty neat I must say.

Hugs XX

Toffeeapple said...

I hope you enjoy the course, I keep reading Julia Crossland's blog and have signed up for the 'Creative Challenge' that she has on Flickr, but I still haven't managed to paint anything. In fact, I haven't even got my large paintbox out, I wonder if your example will spur me on?

How brave of you to take up marking again, I hope it goes smoothly for you.

Tatkis said...

Your painting kit looks so nice! I was always sad that I can't paint and create pictures - I suppose that was a first reason I started stitching :)

Waiting to see your creations!


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