Saturday, 4 June 2011

Up-cycled Beaded Bracelet- Simple Tutorial

If any jewellery or other accessories break I do try and save whatever I can and visiting a little shop in Truro gave me an idea to recycle some beads which I have had hidden in my bead box for ages and ages. I needed the above which a re miniature in size.
On the right is quite a long length of chain which I could cut and add fastenings on using the pliers above. Cost about £2.49 for quite a long length. I did not think to measure it, opps. I also had some rings which I had bought ages ago but could not find the chain at the time. It is always the way, is it not?

These beads are quite large as they were once attached to an elasticated crochet style scrunchie. I like purple (I wear purple glasses) and I also wore this whilst I was pregnant with Sophie so I did not want to throw them out. I always had a mind to make a bracelet or something that I could wear.

After laying them out on the table to decide on the colour order I carefully added them to the chain using the rings. I used the little round nosed pliers to ease open the rings just wide enough to get the beads on. Then used the flat edge pliers to closed it up again. I recycled the catch from a broken necklace and added a larger catch ring so that it is easier to do up with one hand.

Nice stylish close up pic!

I was really pleased with how this turned out because sometimes an idea is better in your head than it is once it has been made. Luckily this looks good made up as well.

I have worn it several times this week and it has been commented on more than some of my posher bracelets. Confirms my belief that I should not throw anything away if I think I can find a use for it. I even have enough left over to make a pair of earrings. Just need to get the earring bit to make them up.

Give this a go with any beads that you have. As long as the rings will go through the beads and the chain you are off and away. You could even attach them using small nail scissors rather than shell out for pliers.

It has been a glorious day here in Cornwall, tomorrow I think rain is on the hrizon but the garden sure does need it.



Toffeeapple said...

Very pretty, I love purple too and, like you have purple spectacles. (My hearing aid is too!)

PootleFlump said...

Thats lovely! Beautiful colour and looks great on. What are the other kind of pliers that you have in your picture? I havent bought any yet and not sure if I need 3 different kinds or just two! x

Tatkis said...

Wow, thanks for that tutorial, Andrea! Great idea, I just need to create such a bracelet (I have a lot of beads :) )


Indigo Blue said...

Thank yo very mcuh for these lovely comments. I am planning a nice bright colourful one for the summer. Just need to get it all to fit.

Pomona said...

It's a beautiful bracelet, and a very satisfying way of recycling!

Pomona x

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