Thursday, 2 June 2011

Monkey Fun

Each school holiday Sophie and I like to get stuck into some serious making. At Easter it was two days of card making! This half term we decided to have a go at making a sock monkey. I bought the socks from Asda weeks ago. Looked around on the Internet, there is also a sock monkey pattern in Sew Hip. August 2010 issue if you have it.
I tried to be one step ahead of Sophie which is not easy when you are not really sure what you are doing! We made two, one each and Sophie did as much as possible. The strips were quite thin in places so I did the machining where needed. Stuffing was fun but what we did find was that any holes you cut for arms or legs stretched quickly and a long way so this is a point to consider.

We used SEI craft buttons for the eyes and Sophie marked out the mouth with a pen then learnt back stitch for the first time. She also had a go at sewing on a button. She forgot that she stitched a button on her school cardigan a few months ago. So thought that she could not do it. She managed and I just knotted it off for her.

The little monkeys are firm friends and spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the garden!

Two more friends are in the pipeline and will be finished this evening.
What do you think? I found the ears to be hardest bit to get right and even on the next batch the ears are uneven and wonky but then that is part their charm.
This is also my first OPAM make for June....hurray.

It is a glorious day here in Cornwall hope you are having a good day wherever you are.
Mine is the navy blue and pink, Sophie made the pink and lilac monkey.


Carol said...

How sweet, made me smile.
Glorious here today too.
Carol xx

Pomona said...

They are very sweet - I am also very impressed with Sophie's sewing skills!

Pomona x

Louise said...

Well done you two. They make a great couple! x

Anonymous said...

So happy I found this! I've been looking forever to find a sock monkey tutorial! I know what the cousin's are getting for Christmas now! Everyone should have a sock monkey at least once in their lifetime :D

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