Friday, 24 June 2011

Fabric Monster Update

Well, it has been one tiring week but it is now finally the weekend. This is the first of several posts showing what the students have made this week.

First up is the monsters! 18 boys and one girl and they had a day to design and make a fun monster. Sounds easy eh?

Above is a group picture.

We started off by watching a bit of Monsters Inc while I went off and started the GcSE Textiles exam. They were asked to sketch some ideas whilst watching it. Then my TA and I had to guide them in re=creating these ideas. Crikey, what were we thinking of!

The colour yellow seemed very popular with many of the students.

I think that you can spot the one made by the only girl in the group. I bought some fur but not many went for it. Preferring to stick with fleece, probably for the best in the end. There is more "give" in it so it is easier to get all of the sections to fit.
This young lady is very talented and has ideas that she can actually follow through without someone else having to do it for her. She had her idea cut, pinned and stitch way before the rest. She then went on to make a mini version in a front pocket!

Each student was given a green ticket. On the front they gave their monster a name. This caused a bit of a stir. There was Mr Fuzzy, Francis, Zip and Spot to name but a few.

This was made by a lad who I have taught for three years and this year everything seems to have fallen into place. He understands what he is doing, is on the ball and is enjoying what he is doing. He used the word "proud all day". This was the main reason for doing the job that I do. It is well made and the bright orange nose makes me laugh.

I think that this fine example best represents how I feel at the moment. I just love the expression on its face!

This creature was made by a student who had not signed up originally for this workshop, but was keen to turn his drawing into a 3D fun monster.

By the end of the day the two of us were exhausted but we had a great group of monsters made by a group of teenage lads who were keen to work solidly all day and who wanted to take their work home, so I had a job hanging on to them to take pictures and put them on display for a week.

What do you think of them? There are loads of ideas on this theme on google images, books on Amazon and lots of tutorials and patterns on the Internet. It was good fun and the day went so quickly too.

Tomorrow we shall take a look at gadget cases.

Hubby is away this weekend so I have the ballet run to do so I shall say good night.

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