Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Creative with Zips

My final work shop offering needed some preparation in advance. I have a huge store of metal zips at school which are a bit heavy duty for much of what we make. They came as part of a bigger purchase, not my idea by the way. I really wanted to use them so I decided to look in google images and Youtube for some ideas.

The above hair band was made by recycling one of Sophie's bands and then making the zip flower. The centre enhanced with a button.
They can be very addictive to make and before you know it they are appearing everywhere!

I then decided to play with other shapes to try and gain a rose bud design. The metal teeth do add a bit of shine and glitz that plastic zips to not offer.

Hot glue gun and Voila!

These formed the basis of my samples to give the students a starting point and so that they could see what their creation might look like.

I will also do a little tutorial for this. The weekend is my aim along with some other blog jobs as work is a bit frantic at the moment.

What do you think of them? Not bad. The students work is up tomorrow, they made lots and they turned out really well.

I aim to make some for the giveaway parcel too.



Carol said...

What a good idea, really effective.
My granddaughter is coming to stay in a few weeks so a tutorial would be great (followed by a trip to the market for zips!)

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love this idea. Will wait for the tutorial to find out how long your zips were. Angela

Tatkis said...

Wow! I love those hair band :)


Indigo Blue said...

Old zips from a charity shop will be good if you can find any. As long as the teeth are in good shape. They need to be metal ones to give the edges added appeal.

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