Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Accessory Workshop - Part 1

My trusty TA and I had made it to Friday of our workshop week and the day would consist of making as many little accessories by lunch time as we could. Some students were back for a second time, some for the first time. There were both boys and girls in the group but not as many as the other groups had been. First, was a good old key fob. I had a template already planned out and we kept the construction simple and several students made at least two of these.
They chose from a range of fabric available. Some of the finishing was not quite straight etc but they made them completely by themselves and several were surprised that they could create something so quickly. Smaller classes are the answer but unlikely to happen in state schools.

The split rings were really useful especially when someone forgot to add it when stitching across their key fob. All was not lost and it just twisted on. Another crisis diverted.

A stock of camouflage fabric is definitely a must even though I had other more masculine fabric in my store, lads still go for this fabric more than any other. It was nice to see that several of the students made a second one for Mum or Dad.

The boys went to make some sweat bands with the TA, which I did not get a chance to photograph, and the girls made some fabric wrap around bracelets. I adapted this idea from a project featured in Sew Hip magazine. Sorry, but there are a couple of mistakes in the instructions which I followed when making up an example and I had to alter the measurements too. I shall show you my version next week here as it would be fun to use up those long thin scraps of fabric. You will need some poppers too. They were pleased with these but the need to adjust to fit your own wrist was ignored a little so some were a bit big, but better than cutting off your circulation!

Some decided to use fabric to match their key fob.

We then went on to make some hair accessories which I shall show you tomorrow as I have a headache and need to hit the hay to get rid of it.

Many thanks for the lovely comments about Sophie's ballet achievement.

See you tomorrow.


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