Friday, 20 May 2011

Proud moment....

I have often mentioned here of proud moments with Sophie, but this time I am proud of some of my students.

After a nail biting week of application letters which needed my endorsement, a few days waiting for selections to be made. Followed by interview letters being issued, interviews taking place and then 24 hours of waiting for the outcome........

My classroom door opened at 2.30pm today whilst I was doing some lesson planning and three of my students were stood there with big grins on their faces!

The reason?

Out of 90 application letters(some were after Prefect jobs) they landed 3 out of 6 jobs to be deputy head boys x 2 and deputy head girl. To have clinched three jobs when the field of applicants was not only large, 18 letters from my tutor group alone, but also very strong, is an achievement.

To have three from one group is very lucky indeed. There are, of course many disappointed youngsters, within our own group as well as other groups, but if the cheering and clapping that one of the boys got when he walked back into his lesson is anything to go by, they were popular choices as they asked about the others as well.

This may not seem very important in the scheme of things but for these 15 year olds it was. They had very little time to sort out their letter, they were very well written, their English teachers would have been very pleased, and they took it seriously but with a maturity that showed that they are now indeed ready to move on to their final year in school.

I have some cards for the lads, thought we could have given them out this morning but the result was delayed. Plus a little gift to mark the occasion. The group signed them but luckily due to absences and a Drama exam I decided to hold off which is just as well as a third student was added to the list. Off to find something for her tomorrow.

I really am pleased with this outcome and very much deserved there are, of course, some students whose confidence has taken a bit of a knock and next week will be spent making sure that it is put back.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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