Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wedding Anniversary - Lace

Yesterday, 11th April, was our 13th Wedding Anniversary. We decided to go out for the day, but more on that tomorrow, and on our way back we had a phone call from hubby's Mum and Dad saying that they had something for us. We did not realise that it was our Lace Anniversary at all. My Mum used to have a tea towel with all of them all, but living 6 hours away I could not consult it. Can you still get them? I use to have a diary years and years ago which also had them all in, but my current one does not.
This is a sponge cake with real cream which has been whipped. Yum Yum!!

The bit I really like is the real lace 'stencil' with icing sugar sprinkled over it. Works much better than using dollies. Very effective.

Guess what we are having later with a pot of tea.

We ate out yesterday evening, but Sophie has a friend over today so I am sure that we shall have some help eating this!



Toffeeapple said...

Congratulations! That cake looks so good, what an imaginative way to decorate it.

wonderwoman said...

Congratulations and what a beautiful cake!


Josie said...

Happy Anniversary! have you tried ebay for the tea towel or maybe some seaside gift shops?

Josie x

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