Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spring card making

Cascade of Flowers.

Today I asked Sophie what would she like to do. The answer was to make lots of cards Mummy.

So that is just what we did. Did I feel guilty? NO! It was throwing it down with rain outside, what better excuse did I need.

The above one is the first of my spring cards. All of these will go into work. There has been a re-newed interest in my cards. I may even add some to my Folksy shop at some point.

I love these handbag cards! I have sold quite a few of these over time. However I am on a spring flower roll here and a brad in the middle gives a little extra to it. This one is a pale pink and I added some stitching lines to make it different to the white bag. I think that I will need to add something else to the white bag, even if it is some colour on the clasp section.
Now, I do not tend to make many cards for the lads because most of my customers are chaps buying for wives, girldfriends mum's etc. I think I need to sort this out and see what the interest is. Even I quite like this one.
Sorry but I think a group picture was needed.
Tomorrow I will feature some of Sophie's cards but she is asleep at the moment and I want to check which ones that she wants featured here.

A day spent mucking around with paper, double sided and card..............Bliss.

With my little girl going" oohhh Mummy can I have some of that lovely card?" Stocks are now low but she had lots of fun and a little bag of cards which her friends will love. In fact I think she has birthdays covered for the next two years!!



Cozy in Texas said...

These are lovely.

Kelly said...

i really like the cascading flowers, I've been in a card mood too, but so many projects at the sewing machine instead.

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