Monday, 4 April 2011

Mother's Day

My Sunday started with breakfast in bed made by Sophie with Hubby's supervision. Boiled egg and toast using the Cath Kidston spotty set that I was given for my 40th birthday from my sister. Very nice it was too. Poor hubby was woken up at 7am but managed to put Sophie off until 8am before he was downstairs. I think that the IKEA tray has shown up well in this picture.

Sophie gets very excited about occasions like this and she loves to give, the wrapping up etc. I think that is great for a child not to be only wanting. Sophie wrapped these up herself and she will be hired for wrapping at the other end of this year as well!

Sophie painted the two tiles above at her last Brownie meeting. I am going to put come felt on the back and have them in the kitchen
She also made this lovely card, I think this skill has perhaps rubbed off or she has been brainwashed into making cards! Lovely colours. I like to keep cards, in fact I have a lovely card sent to me ages ago by Lise over at The chocolate cat which I enjoy using as a
book mark.
I have been really spoilt because Sophie chose the above as well. I lovely new mug, some tea bags and a mini water bottle which would be ideal for packing in an overnight bag.
Again at Brownies, they certainly pack in a lot into an hour and a half, this cute little box which Sophie made. The box is empty because it is full of love which you can not be unwrapped. Below is the label attached, which blogger has moved again, and it shows the quote that explains the box. A very nice idea which is a bit different and the fact that Sophie made it.

When we last visited my in-laws I was snoozing on the sofa and meanwhile everyone else was on Ebay bidding for a few compacts and this one was given to me for Mother's Day! The photo does not do the colour justice and I do not have many with butterflies on.

We then had a bit of a lazy morning and then we drove the Truro to buy a new coffee table which we have been planning to do for ages.

We seemed to have four seasons in one day with sun, rain, cloud and a bit of fog.

It was a good day and Sophie was a delight. She brought home her school report on Friday and it was so good that hubby and I decided to treat her to a little more Sylvanian families to add to her collection. it is all over the living room floor as I type this! It is actually fun to play with no matter how old you are.



Josie said...

sounds like you had a lovely day.
Josie x

Lynn said...

What a great day! Congrats!

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