Thursday, 28 April 2011

Childhood Memories - Updated.

Up-dated on 1st May 2011

As promised I found the other Whimsies that I had collected, although some of them did belong to my sister.
I do remember that the puppy belonged to my sister.

I often see the lkitten one at car boot sales. It was the first one that I bought and is one of Sophie's favourites.

The frog at the fornt has come out a bit blurred. They are all in very good condition considering the number of times they were dropped and house moves over the years. They are certainly made of tough stuff!
Now, back to the present day........................

Who remembers Whimsies made by Wade? I collected them, along with my sister, when we were small. We used to save up our pocket money and then go the the local tobacconist and chose another for our collections.
I gave Sophie my collection, it was one of those silly things that you kept and could not bear to throw out. Whilst in Ely and visiting Riverside Antiques Sophie said that if she could she would like to add to her collection. The above pictures shows which ones she bought. We thought that the bottom one was a squirrel (they were in a class cupboard and we were not allowed to touch them!! Not even me so we could not see them easily. Honestly you would have thought that they were the crown jewels!) but now we are not sure if it is. Any ideas? Plus a monkey, a fawn and a bushbaby(?).
Sophie used some Easter money that my parents gave her. She is delighted with them and is thinking of adding to them. You do not get so many car boots now but they were once the places to find Whimsies. However, with the summer around the corner these may increase.
I shall take pictures of the ones I gave Sophie for you to see.
What did you collect as a child?


Pomona said...

I remember Whimsies! We had Christmas crackers with them one year - but I was quite shocked the other other day to see them on sale at a very high price, and was told how collectible they had become. I now wish I had kept mine!

Pomona x

Mad about Craft said...

My best friend and I used to have quite a few between us and we used to take them to school in shoe boxes and play with them.

I haven't mine any more either.

Thecraftytrundler said...

I used to collect them too, and still have them! They are so cute.
I was also lucky to find more a few weeks ago, and the duplicates will be coming with me to my next Vintage fair in Northampton.

Sharon xx

Josie said...

I collected wade whimsies as well, my Gran used to buy me one when we visited every sunday and I've still got them all!

have you looked on ebay for some whimsies?

the tabs on my blog, if you got to where you do a new post, there is something called ' new page' click on that and it creates a new page and then you can have tabs at the top or the side of your blog

hope that helps
Josie x

Louise said...

I know I had some Whimsies but cannot remember which ones? They are a fun thing for a kid to collect. x

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amazing! ))

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