Friday, 15 April 2011

Cards - The Final Installment.

One last installment of our epic card making session.

You may have seen the above before. It is very similar to one that I made for a vintage card swap back in February. I liked them so much, I thought that I would make some more. The rest still need positioning and sticking down. I continued with more cards for the lads with a set of boat cards. I really like these ones. I added some cross grain ribbon and textured card.
I layered this one up, but not too much as it can cause a problems if you want to post it.
Back to my favourite square cards and this time I left the text off it so that it could be used for any occasion such as Father's day or as a thank you card.
I have 6 more ready to put together on different themes, but Sophie did exhaust me over this. She can be very determined when she is interested in something. I do hope it lasts as she gets older.
This is the state of the sewing room on Wednesday! There is more that you can not see on the floor!! Toffy was even brave enough to join us for the day and managed NOT to get stuck on a card. Our attic conversion has been so useful and the sewing table has been used for everything from card making to marking to Ofsted preparations. Not as much sewing as I had intended. Hopefully the rest of April will alter that.

I did manage a finish on Wednesday evening which I shall share tomorrow. I am supposed to be attending an Embroiderers Guild workshop tomorrow and due to the day job workload I have not been able to get all of the materials. Could be a bit of a challenge. I will let you now how I get on.

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Tatkis said...

Very nice boat cards! Sea mood :)

Best wishes,

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