Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Quilting Journal - Part 2

The above pages shows a design that was inspired by some of the fabric which was sent with one of the blocks. A stylised Christmas tree with some hand stitched detail.
I like to make scaled drawings and them templates, to make sure that the cutting out is not wonky. I then keep these for future use of reference. My own stash of patterns!
I have quite a mixture of pattern paper types ranging from computer printer paper, cake tin lining paper, old wrapping paper etc.

These are the blocks made for me by other members of the Quilting Bee. I have added the white sashing in between the blocks. It is not quite finished yet and the backing needs to go too.

A lovely light and summery quilt which has been crafted by fellow bloggers from all around the world. This will be a treasured possession for a life time and it will be passed on to Sophie to keep within the family.

There is one further thing that I did with my Quilt pictures which I have not gone into detail yet.

As for my Quilting Journal, well I am still adding to it with further ideas and designs for this quilt and the Christmas Quilt which is also a WIP at the moment. I also have plans for the journal cover.


1 comment:

Dionne said...

This swap was quite fun. I love how your quilt has turned out. It's been so long since your quilt passed through my door, I had to look on Flickr to see which one I made!

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