Monday, 28 March 2011

Mother's Day

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by some colleagues to make some Mother's Day cards.

I love making cards and making them to order is even better as I know that they have a home to go to straight away.

I have found that square cards work really well for me and I have to say that all the planning that I really do is to place everything in position before I actually attach it to the card. That's all. I go on instinct more than anything.

The above is a combination of vellum, flower punches and 3D flower pieces. Plus a strip of ribbon. A lovely spring shade of yellow. This rose is embroidered and I think came from Lakeland Plastics a while ago. The lettering I did on the computer and printed out on card.

This is Sophie's favourite one! I really like this one as well, and has also been made as a birthday card. Ribbon, flower punches and 3D glue this time.
This is, again, one of my favourites, this time with pink and lilac colours. This was snapped up very quickly!
I decided to be quite bright and bold with this one! I love sun flowers and I try to grow them every year in the garden but the slugs which hide in my garden also like them, for different reasons!

This is lovely coloured vellum which shows up well on the white card.

I have been really pleased with the way these have turned out and seeing as I am on a roll I have started on a batch of Easter Cards, a few Father's Day cards and a top up batch of birthday cards.

If you would like to order a card then let me know.

Have a great week and many thanks for popping by last week when I was a little absent from here.



Josie said...

lovely cards, I like the mothers day/birthday card one best too!

Josie x

Marit said...

Nice blog-name. :)
Lovely cards and atc.

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