Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mouse mat Make-over with Cath Kidston fabric Tutorial

I decided that this pink notebook needed a new home when I went into PC World (my home) about a month ago. My black one has buttons that are playing up and I use it for work so it gets bashed about a bit too. The black one is XP and this one is Windows 7 so I am having a bit of a brain muddle swapping from one to the other.

This pink one is for blog and online shop stuff. Blog hopping for project ideas, taking part in swaps etc. I have been a bit slack with my Etsy shop since Christmas as I rather lost interest in it as there seemed to be so little interest in it. However, spring is coming and a new surge of motivation as arriving.

I am now thinking what I need to make for this little notebook and I thought that I would start with the mouse mat. A bit big isn't it? I also appear to have spilt hot chocolate on it too, tut, tut.

A rotary cutter and cutting mat soon made it a more manageable size.

The idea was to slide the mouse mat into the cover that is still in my head.

What to cover it with? Cath Kidston fabric of course!! I have a mug with this design on and I use it all of the time.

I decided to use bondaweb to stick the fabric to the mini mouse mat, make sure that the fabric is bigger than the mouse mat so that you can take it round to the back .
It gives a very smooth surface which you need for your mouse to work properly.

Just keep an eye on the temperature because the surface of the mouse mat has a funny texture, feel a bit like fabric but a bit rubbery as well.

I was then able to take the edges around the back and carefully iron that down too with a bit of baking parchment to protect my iron. I mitred the corners as best I could, I made sure I really ironed them flat.

A nice bit of bright pink felt to finish of the back and this time I used some really strong double sided tape. Trimmed back to the edge of the mat.

Voila! A snazzy mini mouse mat in one of my favourite fabrics to go with my lovvverrrrly new PINK notebook.

This is a slightly smaller than average PC mouse which I found in PC World too, and it is ideal for me as I have small hands and I am going to make the cover to accommodate this as well.

I have been using it all week and it has worked brilliantly!

Have a go.



mandapanda said...

Oh gosh I'm jealous of that pick notebook!! And the mat looks awesome with it! If you ever find that the double sided tape is failing on the felt, you can always use hot glue!

Indigo Blue said...

I have also made another one with different fabric. There is a reason for that which will become clear once I have fully finished to project.

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