Monday, 3 January 2011

Which sketchbook to use?

Today we have been taking own the decorations and removing the tree so as yet I have not actually started my sketchbook but ideas have been rattling around in my brain.
However, which book should I use?
I have collected a selection over the years, some I have bought, some I have been given. All offer different things.
The red one above is from Italy and is leather with plain pages which are not very thick, so paint may be a problem. I have used two of these books before for my City and Guilds course. The other one is a purple velour which is nice to touch, same thickness paper. Neither have spiral spines, suitable for sticking in things etc. They could be carrid around in a bag if needed.

The black and red books above are the same thing but different sizes, they are both covered in a type of fabric, plain pages which may be a little thicker.

The white spiral bound book above I found this holiday and it has a canvas cover which you can paint on, stick things etc. The Black one is a Daler Rowney sketchbook with pages which are ideal for any media really, the pages may crinkle a little but then flatten out once closed.

Tomorrow is the last day of the holidays for me then it is back to work. I need to get this months page(s) done soon otherwise work is going to take over. Next month I could leave it until the half-term break etc.

So which one? I will need to decide quickly.

Others have already started their pages, click here to see what has been created so far.

During the Christmas break I past my 600th post barrier so once things have got bak into a routine I shall have a giveaway to celebrate. 600! That sort of snuck up on me too.

Take care



Daisie said...

Just for a note book, I'd use the purple one but for your purpose I'd go with the white spiral bound and only paint the cover when the chalenge is finished and you can cover the cover (?) in images from inside....?

Jennie said...

I agree with Daisie.
At first I thought the purple one but the white spiral bound one calls to me too xx

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You're just like me. MULTIPLE binders, books and tablets...and then I don't know which ones to use, so I just dust them and admire them.

Congratulations on 600 posts! I'm having a 600 post giveaway right now. Stop over if you want to enter...

I'd make an exception (outside the US) for you!


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