Thursday, 27 January 2011

Vintage Note Cards - Creative swaps

It has been some time since I last took part in one of Leena's creative swaps. Work has mainly gotten in the way, (I first took part in 2008, click HERE to see my other contributions) but at Christmas I decided to sign up for a Vintage card swap.
A large group of us needed to create three cards and we would in turn receive three cards back. I have made an extra one for the swap host Leena.
When we signed up we were also emailed a PDF with images that we could use to actually create the cards. Not having any vintage images within my own picture collection, I decided to use the ones on the PDF. The two cards above used two images of ladies using a sepia film. The card on your left is attached to a patterned clear velum sheet and an edging of pure cotton lace has been attached down the side to link with the lace on the dress in the picture. The other card is also presented on velum which has a rose on the front, a length of light brown ribbon and more lace .
The above card is on landscape with cream flower design on craft paper. The next vintage illustration is then added in the middle. To frame it I have then added more of the light brown tape down either side.
The final card is also on landscape and has a rose velum background added. More goldy tape and the image had some music along the bottom so I re-added that to the card as well.

We were also asked to maybe add design to the envelopes. No being too sure what to do here without it looking awful, I decided to keep it really very simple and then promptly forgot to take photos of them, doh! Sorry, it has been quite a two weeks lately and I am so tired I am not really sure where I am at the moment. You know that exhausted feeling.

They have now been sent off to Leena in America and then swapped with someone else's and I hope that they are ok as they are a completely different style for me to do.
Many thanks for the visits and comments for my i-touch cosy. The fabric was a fat quarter and I am now on the look out for some more!

UPDATE: My cards have now safely arrived and are now featured on the Creative Swaps blog. They have been beautifully photographed.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

You did a wonderful job on your notecards, thanks so much! I am so glad you had time to participate in this swap!

Lynn said...

Wow! These are beautiful Andrea! Nice work!

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