Monday, 24 January 2011

CAB Team Treasury

I was lucky enough to get an email via Etsy about one of my handmade purses being included in a CABTeam Treasury.

My item is on the print screen above, top row second one in from the left.
The print screen is in two halves due to only having a notebook laptop and this just happens! Anyway, it is so nice when your items are picked out from the 1000's which can be found on Etsy.
This would make a lovely Valentines present for someone or a treat for yourself, there is a matching bag too.
I actually saw Easter Eggs in the shops at the beginning of January and thought that we have not even finished with Valentines. I do feel that the year does know get shorter.
Have a great week and keep warm, we must have been if the electricity bill that has just arrived is anything to go by!


wonderwoman said...

Congrats to you - that's brilliant -you must be well chuffed!


Twiggy said...

Yay !! well done and well deserved.
twiggy x

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