Sunday, 23 January 2011

Eden Project Sketchbook Visit

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Eden Project to renew our locals visitors cards. Once we had done that we looked around the Biomes. I posted about the viewing platform that Sophie and Hubby were brave enough to go up, but not me!!
We also visited the education centre and it was very interesting and links well with Textiles.
There was also a very large sculpture called The Seed made from 170 tonnes of concrete which once sculpted now weighs 70 tonnes. There are photos with a step by step explanation of the design from start to finish and to too nearly 2 years to completed. How they got the shaping of each seed section is fascinating.
Sorry, blogger playing silly "bloggers" again as this picture has been turned on it side again.
There were also other pictures and mini exhibitions of seeds and these were ideal for my SEED sketchbook.
This page is a combination of two of my photos from The Seed sculpture and I simply weaved them together to gain another unusual picture. I like this technique and use it a lot.
If you are going to the Eden Project just go and see this exhibition, it really is quite incredible. Oh and make sure that you have camera with you!

I promise that this is the last post about making my SEED sketchbook but I did get to enjoy doing this and I so not think that it turned out too bad in the end, did it?
Now it is time to move on to something else.
Have a good week


Barbara said...

Very nice post you've done and very interesting also. Those pics were incredible.

Hugs XX

Jill Eudaly said...

cool pictures and I really like your seed sketch book. side view is intersting.
have a good day,

val said...

Well, personally, I will be SAD not to see your Seed Sketchbook again. I love it, but I suppose I can still visit your postings about it to just revisit and enjoy your sketches.
Perhaps you have a new sketchbook on the horizon :0) I will wait and see.
Val xx Oxfordshire

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