Sunday, 2 January 2011

Acting debut

A few weeks ago Sophie's dance teacher asked of she would like to be in a Panto as one of the seven dwarf's as she needed two more. So Sophie ans another ballet friend were added to the cast. We have been toing and froing since November to rehearsals, missed a couple due to illness, weather etc.
However, today was the first performance in front of a real audience and Sophie was buzzing when we went to pick her up.
Hubby and I have sat through some of the rehearsals which have over ran, and I have seen the second half loads of times but not yet the beginning!

Before we were due to leave to get Sophie to the theatre there was a knock at the door and our neighbours had a Good Luck card for her. Thy have also taken part in these panto's before and understand the work and practice that is involved in them. We hope it see the full performance later in the week.

Once we got her home and settled her for a couple of minutes I asked her to close her eyes and hubby and I gave her these................

Her own bunch of roses and carnations for a successful first performance.

It has done wonders for her confidence and self-esteem.

Well done Sophie

(Slushy Mummy moment, sorry can't help it!)



Renee, spear401 said...

Congrats to Sophie! And kudos to mom and dad for sitting through all those rehearsals! Lol.


Chocolate Cat said...

Congratulations to Sophie, what a wonderful thing to take part in. I am sure it is the first of many.

Julie said...

Quite right too, you slush all you want! :-) Congratulations Sophie, how wonderful to be in a panto. Many many years ago I took the part of Dopey in an infants school production. I think it was because I was the smallest! :-)

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