Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Tree Quilt Block

One of the key needs of this block was that it needed to be a tree. The size of the block is only about 15cm square, which I think is one of the smallest so far. This is a tree that I have not used for ages and I am tempted to do it for the next block, but full size.
It has been stitched down with an iridescent metallic embroidery thread which glistens in the light! Nice and Christmas like I hope.
It has been a bit of a week or two in this house. Plenty of sick people about! I dragged myself into work on Friday and managed to get through the day. Went to the works do in Saturday and was fine until Sunday evening when I started to feel unwell. Got up this morning and well, I can only say that I have not felt this bad since I had full blown proper flu about ten years ago which has left a lasting impression on me. Could not face breakfast,
left hubby and Sophie in bed (Sophie is unwell and not been in school since last Thursday) Felt really rough but got through the lessons that I had this morning and then after lunch I had to admit defeat and go home early.
Hubby made me a hot water bottle and I went to bed at 2.30pm. Got up at 6.30pm to have some dinner. I am trying to stay up so that I go to sleep later but I still feel awful. My students want to finish their hats tomorrow etc, hopefully I will be fairly ok tomorrow to drag myself in again. Why oh why is it that you become ill at the most awkward times!!
Sophie is still very poorly, so no school again tomorrow, very unlike her as she can normally shake off a bad cold within 24 hours, quite a strong cold this time I think. A pity as she was due to sing in her school carol concert in the local church and being in the evening I would be able to go as well!
Hope you are all feeling better than me, keep warm.


Fenland Textile Studio said...

I really hope you and Sophie feel better soon. Do you break up on Friday? Keep warm and safe and drink lots. Hugs, Angela

Twiggy said...

Oh poor you and Sophie, it's always touch and go with school Christmas stuff at Twiggy towers as we always seem to get sick at this time of year. I hope you both recover soon and hope Sophie doesn't miss out on the Christmas fun.
Lovely stitching.
Take care
Twiggy x

mad about bags said...

sorry to hear that you and sophie are feeling poorly and you're right the lurgies always seem to hit hardest when everyone is busy, hope you're both feeling better soon and came enjoy some festive fun!! take care

wonderwoman said...

o what a shame - so sorry to hear you are poorly - i hope you and Sophie feel better very very soon. Your tree block looks lovely.


Lucy said...

Love that tree! Hope you feel better soon :)

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