Saturday, 27 November 2010

My current Read

Memoirs of a Geisha.
by Arthur Golden.
I have read this book before, about 6 years ago. I borrowed the book from a friend, read it and gave it back, I thought no more about it. I then stumbled across it again recently in a charity shop and decided to read it again.
It is now on DVD and it sticks pretty well to the book, but as always I think that the book has the edge.
It is a very good book and covers a topic which has a mystery about it and for all of the wrong reasons.
It follows the true story of a young girl who is taken from her family and is trained to a a Geisha. The journey for her is long and difficult and she achieves something that no one before has been able to. What is that? Well I do not want to spoil it for you.
Well, Sophie was pretty poorly last night and was sent to bed with a hot water bottle, a dose of Calpol (brilliant stuff) and was propped up due to a very blocked up nose. Discussions of not going to this party were covered if I felt she was not well enough or if we had snow!
Got up this morning and Sophie woke up smiled and went back to sleep again, not normal for her so I left her for a bit. Then with the worst case of 'bed head' I have seen in ages croaked "I am fine, I'll be ok once I get there" That's my girl! So we jumped in car (once I had sneaked in a blanket, flask of hot water, de-icer, spare food etc, well come on I had flooding last week!). There was nothing to see in until I got about 8 miles from Newquay and everything went very white. Quite a thick covering of snow on the road and the motor cyclist in front of me was not taking any chances, he had to go so slow at some points that he had both feet on the ground as he went along! Ice was a bit of a problem, especially in sections where the sun had not got to it on the very winding road to Newquay. This was about 10am and the sun was blazing down but it was still very cold.
We eventually got to Dairyland and their car park was really covered in it and we were about the 7th car there. I decided to reverse into the parking bay as I would rather slide out of the parking space seeing where I was going on the way home, rather than backwards!
Despite the snow etc we actually arrived 5mins early. Two weeks ago Sophie had her party here and it was roasting in there, but due to the cold outside and the severe lack of people, me and five other Mum's sat for three freezing hours! Luckily we did manage to get a heater near us.
Sophie was very tired at the end of it and once we had driven back (snow still everywhere) and stocked up on more Calpol it was a sofa afternoon watching Shaun the Sheep and eating some cake!
Tomorrow I have LOADS of marking to do and Sophie has another panto rehearsal. Hopefully Hubby and I will be able to sneak off and do a bit of Christmas shopping with her out of the way.
So, take care and keep warm.


Julie said...

Well done on getting there and back safely. Keep safe in this dreadful weather.

becky said...

One of my favorite books of all time! I absoulutely loved it! And I too wasn't disappointed in the movie. I usually get rid of the book after I read it but this is one of the few I hung on too!

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