Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Baby (Plant) Sitting

Our latest project from Sophie's school is to look after a Geranium and keep a log of what happens to it and of any changes.

It is meant to be a red geranium but we will have to see. It has been in our house for about a month now and is doing fine. It has grown quite a bit since these pictures were taken. It seems to grow when your back is turned!

It may not be very clear but there is a little bud just peeping through!!

Will keep you posted and there is a prize for the best plant journal, so of course Little Miss Determined wants to try and have the best journal.

Better charge up the camera then.


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Mandy Noble said...

Hi, my kids were given some Geraniums foam school too, we have had them for a few weeks now and tomorrow they will enter them in the children's horticultural show in our village! Fortunately they are in different age categories so aren't competing against each other!! Love your blog. M x

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