Friday, 16 April 2010

Vroooom! Vrooom!

My hubby was 40 on 31st December 2008. Some of his family clubbed together to hire him this 1965 Austin Healey 3000. We picked it up from Lanhydrock Golf and Country Club at 11am last Saturday and my hubby had a very big grin on his face until it was returned at 11am on Sunday.

It took my dear hubby a while to finally book this and it did clash with my parents visiting, but it actually made it more fun as everyone was able to have a go in it. including Sophie who had never seen a car like this before. Educational bit there, did you see that coming.

Apparently this is the most popular colour combination and being a two seater (could be four but the owners were concerned that back seat passengers heads were above the windscreen) meant that having extra people around helped otherwise we would have had an issue with Sophie. Hubby drove over to his parents and his Dad was given a ride. Even our neighbour who simply came to have a quick look got whisked around some Cornish roads!

We both then drove off my ourselves. On the way back to Fowey a very large Rook shot out of a hedge and hit the car. It frightened the life out of me as there was an almighty bang, and Hubby's face fell as he thought that it would have damaged the car and kissed good bye to his £500 deposit!!

Luckily (not for the bird of course) it did not damage the car, we had to pull over and check to be sure. There was egg all over the front bumper to it looked like the Rook had just stolen an egg and was making his get away with it.

Any way, Hubby was rather crest fallen when we had to return it the following day and I have to say that having been in a Austin Healey 3000 I can see why they are so popular.

I also think that cars today may be fast and have all the latest technology but they lack a certain something that these old classic cars had by the bucket full!!


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wonderwoman said...

o wow, what a car ! No wonder you all had a good time!


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