Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sketch Book - Another Peek 2

With the next pages of the sketchbook I took the shape of the seed pod from the [revious page and looked at a single section of it. I put a watercolour wash on the back ground of the page first. Then using a black fineliner pen I then produced a line drawing of the seed pod section. i also thought about how I could interpret that shale, maybe embroidery or applique?

I then took that shape and used some basic textile repeat pattern principles, I thought about how that shape could be arranged on the page to give further shapes and designs. Again labelling how the design could a produced on fabric, frnach knots, applique and seed stitch to mention just a few. The drawing on the right turned out well, not done any drawing like this for ages, not since I completed my City and Guilds course. i decided to leave it at this for the minute, but I will come back to these pages again.

I then moved on to sunflowers. The above pages were to just get the ball rolling. Some magazine pictures of sunflowers and their seeds. Then a bright picture on the right which I think came from an old paper folder which came from a stationers years ago!

I actually have a dried out sunflower head left over from designing and making some seed packets at school. So my next stage will be to take some photographs and take this next idea a little further.



clare's craftroom said...

I love your sketchbooks . There's a little bit of yourself on each page .

Barbara said...

Love the sketchbook! It's coming along very well. I love sunflowers too.

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