Tuesday, 9 March 2010

"Kelp" Skinny Scarf

As many of you know I have been spending much of the past 6 months or more trying to improve my knitting. My lacey knitted cloche hat was quite a surprise to me and I have bought some wool to make another. So whilst on a bit of a roll I decided to try something else. The above is a sample of a scarf pattern that I found and using circular needles I followed the instructions and ended up with a spiral style skinny scarf. I used black because I had plenty of it and I wanted to experiment with the style and shape.

I decided not to stop there. Some pink candy wool was jumping up and down in my wool basket saying "knit with me! Knit with me!" So I could not ignore it, could I?

It was my husband who came up with the name "Kelp" (that would be boat, sea, water, fish background I suppose) and I think that it suits it.

I have since made two more which I shall photograph and post and I have plans to adapt the pattern a bit further to change the shape more.

These will be listed on my Folksy shop. They would be suitable for wearing for a good few months yet and I have made a blue version which I have worn to work. I have begun yet another as I want to adapt the shape further and play around with other colour combinations and thicknesses of wool.
Sophie, bless her, has her eye on having one as well. Guess what the colour is likely to be.
Back tomorrow, I need my beauty sleep.
PS Do take a quick look the last post, it will either make you laugh or make you groan!


twiggypeasticks said...

Very lovely.
twiggy x

picciolo said...

you are certainly on a knitting roll, these are really pretty!
: )

wonderwoman said...

what lovely scarves, especially the pink one!


MarmaladeRose said...

lovely scarves, you clever changing the pattern!

Carol VR said...

What is the true name of this pattern...I've beenn hunting high and low for it on the internet....HELP!!!!

SEO said...

I love your collection! They are very unique. But I must say that pink is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing these. Indigo


http://www.scentsationalperfumes.com/ said...

Really great collection thanks for sharing with us


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