Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Spring Surprise Swap.

I have signed up for my first swap of 2010, over at Dutch Blue.
I have just heard that my swap partner is to be Tatyana who lives in Moscow Russia!! How exciting is that?
I now need to make a pretty spring item that is soooo nice that I want to keep it for myself. i have already been to the Post Office to ask about postage issues and it will hopefully not cost any more than sending to Australia. I also need to send two pretty fabrics a note etc.
So, any ideas?
Glad half-term is coming up as this week has been a bit hectic with hubby working away so not much in the way of stitching being done here. People think that teachers work from 9am to 3pm and that is it, if only. But we have to juggle our lives too and also our own children. I have had to make special arrangements with work to be able to take her to school because hers and mine start and finish at exactly the same times. Then of course after school meetings and the evening parents evenings that go beyond the after school club sessions. Called in a few favours this week as I needed to be in three places at the same time today. Sophie's school, my tutor group and start an exam off at the same time. Then today I had to quickly collect her then dash back with her to meet a parent. We both eventually got back gone 5 armed with fish and chips from the chippy. Sophie, bless her has been so good about it all, a real star.
Sophie and I did manage to make something but I need to get the camera out for that so I shall post that tomorrow. However, it has been rather nice being just Sophie and me. Not done that since she was a baby. It has been fun to have a little lady to talk to and you now what the best bit was? (Even if she has had a stinking cold all week and nits......again, poor thing.) When she said at dinner on Monday, " It has been a very nice change having you take me to school and pick me up at home time" Well...., how chuffed do you think I am then?? Very chuffed indeed.
My Year 10 group took an exam today based on the theme of Sustainable Design and they and myself are very hopeful. The paper was reasonable and we had covered all of the contents. One tricky question, but still we are hopeful. Should know the result in March. Fingers crossed.
Take care
(Still chuffed, you know what? I love being a Mummy!)


Kathleen said...

Isn't the thought of Spring and pretty, colorful springy things just delicious? Am working on springy things myself to dig out of the New England snowy doldrums. Good luck with the swap!

Molly said...

I have a dumb may be a spring swap for here but what is the weather there? Does she need something springy or something warm?

Kitty said...

No real advice as regards your spring swap, except to check out her blog and familiarise yourself with what sorts of things she likes.

I had to leave a comment regarding Sophie's words - isn't it all fabulous when our kids say stuff like that?!


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