Saturday, 27 February 2010

Parcel of Kindness

The house of Indigo had many knocks on the door on Friday of which my hubby needed to answer. The postal service was very busy with things for him to take on a business trip to a Boat Show in Ireland this weekend. I had some items turn up for the craft Fayre next Saturday and then there was the above........

What could it be? I opened up the bubble bag very carefully and found some lovely and very unusual tissue paper.
Then a cute hand made label on it from Tiggy! at Twiggypeasticks. Very similar to the chicken juggle bags that I make with the students at school.

Inside was this lovely powder compact! I have a collection which I have been adding to over the past 10+ years and I did blog about it about a year ago. It was so completely out of the blue that it all the more of a surprise. I think that it is made by Stratton because the inside and the back design is similar to other Strattons that I have. The design is very bright and I do not have any other compact like it, no red ones at all.
I have found a spot in the cabinet and shuffled a few around. I like to do that just to disturb the dust a little!
It stands out very nicely from where I am sitting typing this post.

Thank you very much Twiggy for thinking of me and remembering that I collect these items which link to our social history. For wrapping it and packing it, and taking out of your day to take it to the Post office . I have social networks pages and they are surprised that we send items to each other like this. Maybe this is what makes blogger and blogs so different to other online networks. What do you think?

Off to do some baking and make up some more items for next Saturdays Craft Fayre.

Take care all


P.S It is actually sunny here in Cornwall today.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a lovely gift from your friend...and a beautiful collection of compacts. I would do well to collect small items such as yours, as opposed to some of the "space-consuming" collections I have! ;-)
Have a great weekend.

JuliaB said...

That's Lovely! you lucky lady! The kindness of bloggers never fails to astound me! (in a good way!) xx

wonderwoman said...

i think bloggers are amazing, not only do they send gorgeous goodies but are very helpful and kind with their lovely comments.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful gift. I have several collections myself and I know how much that means to you. What a terrific friend to have!

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

what a fabulous compact - and surprise!

Twiggy said...

Just returning your kindness lovely lady, it's blogging karma :)
twiggy x

Pomona said...

There is something really lovely about blogland - lots of kindness. I always wonder if blokey blogs are the same!

Pomona x

maria said...

Maybe it's because our type of blogging is visual i.e lots of photos rather than just words. It makes you feel more connected to other people and their interests.

Pea Green Kitty said...

Ah yes, Karma is a wonderful thing!
as is blogging, its my new addiction.
I too collect compacts and the red one is indeed fabulous!!! I have a similar one in blue.

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