Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Knitting Triumph!!.....

....well it is for me! Our little knitting group at school have always said that they would like to make a knitted hat. Eventually we managed to narrow it done to a sort of cloche shape that may or may not have a flower or some kind of embellishment on it.
So, my colleague and I set to work looking for one and of course we would need to test it out first.

Here it is being modeled by Sophie but it is the adult pattern. Due to its lacy stitch it stretches for me but still fits Sophie! Now here is the good bit....I not only followed the pattern first time without any hitches , but I also made this hat in about an hour!!

I found the pattern by googling cloche hat. There is a down loadable pattern but it does not have the link on it so I can not write it here and I have only just spotted that piece of info (blast). I will add it here later if I can find it.

The hat needed a little extra and it actually took me longer to crochet the flower than it did to knit the hat or maybe it was because I was too busy watching Pirates of the Caribbean! I have attached it with a brooch back for now but I may stitch it on.

So for now I shall add the instructions:

Needles: US 11 / UK 8

I used a super chunky wool. Anything of that thickness really.

Cast on 42 sts.

Row 1: Yarn over, k2tog. Start each row by taking the yarn over the needle to maintain the 42 stitches.

Repeat for 19 rows or until you get the length/fit you want.

Next row: k2tog this row then knit the last stitch.

Next Row: k2tog this row.

Next row: k2tog until the last stitch and knit this.

Cast off as normal but then cut the wool and weave the cast off wool back through the stitches and pull to gather the top together. Thread this wool through a wool needle and stitch up the side of the hat.

You can crochet an edging around the hat, but I decided to just leave this as it was. I did then make the crochet flower. I have several since completing the hat so that I can change then around.

I shall certainly be making some more of these once I have been to the wool shop.

I now have a lacy scarf in my sights. May be 2010 will be my knitting year!


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picciolo said...

it looks great! very cosy.
: )

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