Monday, 18 January 2010

Kitchen Re-vamp 2

After the Friday evening fiasco with the floor, things got much better. On Sunday Hubby was up fairly early and cutting the holes for the sinks and tap attachment were the tasks for the day. Now, this wood is very thick and just cutting a straight line was very hard going and a couple of blades broke. So trying to cut neat accurate holes could be tricky. The unit was put back in the corner of the kitchen now that the floor had dried out and screwed to the wall. The dishwasher moved closer to the sink space and a gap left for the washing machine (sorry - yet to be bought new washing machine).Hubby and I then needed to carry the counter top from the garage, across the patio,spin round and get through the patio doors. Sounds easy but this counter is b****y heavy and of course I had the end which needed to swing round didn't I ? I also had to avoid tripping over the washing machine cables (machine is now out on patio awaiting its fate), various tools etc. Struggle through the door then negotiated the dishwasher and slide in on top of another cupboard which promptly fell over! Once we got it onto the other cupboards and picked up the other little cupboard circles were drawn on the wood for the sinks, and then ....that's right, back out the patio door again so that it could be cut on the black and decker workmate. (I feel a comedy sketch coming on here.)
I decided to leave hubby with his trusty little assistant to do some school work until I was needed for lifting again. The picture above shows the lovely round holes cutting using a jig saw. I did need to go back and help as the counter kept sliding whilst it was being cut, I got covered in saw dust as the wind was blowing my direction. The hole for the tap was next and a circle cutter was used for this.

Just a little bit of chiseling to make sure that the join in the circle was smooth. I have to say that Hubby did a great job cutting those circles first time with no swearing needed at all.

Then....yet again, back in through the patio door with the counter, I got the lighter this time end due to the holes being cut out but lost my grip and squashed my finger; and then it was ready to try the sinks. Ta Daaa!! Perfect fit. The funny grey contraption under the counter will join the sinks to the drain and water supply etc.

Here we have taken a step back. Flooring has been replaced where needed. Dish washer moved along, the gap for the washing machine then the little cupboard which toppled over earlier.
It started getting dark after this picture and we have moved on a little further with it all. The plumber is coming back tomorrow to plumb it all back in. He is squeezing us in because he felt so sorry for Hubby having to undo all his work otherwise it could be another week. You do not realise how much you use your sink until it is not there. Not sure when we will get a new washing machine, yet another unforeseen expense! However, next time I shall show you some of the other bits of the kitchen including the oven, which may be of interest if you are thinking of changing the one you have in the future.

I amongst all of the excitement I did manage to do my 20 mins of crafting on Sunday with these....I have decided to call it a day with my Knitted blanket! Long time regular readers will be familiar with my tales of woe over this blanket. I have knitted the last square as frankly I have had enough of it. With the left over wool I am decorating some of the squares with crochet flowers. Simple versions.

They have got looped petals and my next 20 mins today was to make three more. So I have about 10 so far. I am having to stay at work until 9pm tomorrow so I am not sure if I shall get my 20 mins in or not. So after moving a few photos around files for work tomorrow I may just have another 20 mins and sew a few of these onto the blanket.

P.S Hubby is taking a break from the kitchen tonight!

Take care



wonderwoman said...

i think your hubby well and truly deserves his break!! Love your crochet flowers - am into crochet at the moment - perfect for my 20 mins a day!!!


Taz said...

A well deserved break :)
Your wee flowers are cute and I'm glad your finger was too badly squished.

Cathy said...

Congrats on your new kitchen! I am sure that you will enjoy it even more when it is finished.
Isn't it great to have a hubby that can do these kinds of things? It does sound like he deserves a bit of a break.
Here it so hoping the rest of the renovation goes well!

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