Thursday, 26 November 2009

The issue of Skirts..

You may remember a little earlier in the year this skirt. I made it using some lovely fabric from IKEA. I went to the Bristol branch a couple of weeks ago but they did not have any more in stock which was a shame. I am visiting Bristol again in two weeks for a course so I shall try again.

This is a simple wrap around skirt using a NEW LOOK pattern 6637. I wanted something simple that i could make with my GCSE students. We have yet to do this but I have put it to them and they are keen. It can be adapted and the fabric changed to something thinner so that it can be used at the beach. If we ever get any proper summer weather again!

I wanted to have another go as I did not like the a couple of things and I made the skirt for my size but as is often the case my body shape is not the same as a pattern envelope. It was ok and I did wear it that summer.

This time I made it a size bigger so that I could fit it to me better at the darts in particular. I used IKEA fabric again as I like the way it irons and it is a little bit thicker so it is not necessary to wear an under slip. As yet I have not worn this due to the poor weather over the summer!
I have now bought another skirt pattern to try out, a simple skirt with a zip in the back. I ordered it from the NEW LOOK pattern website. It is pattern No. 6843 and if you want to see it made up then pop over to Darling Petunia's blog as she uses this pattern a lot. She has a link in her side bar. There are too many links to put here. So this is next on the list of garments to make and I am also now on the prowl for a tailors dummy!
Completed some more student work today which I shall upload at the weekend and I have a special order to start (yes Pamona I have not forgotten, just need to headaches to go. It took two days, four paracetamol but it was the three soluble aspirin that cured it!).
Back tomorrow, many thanks for the nice comments on the previous post. I would also like to say a big hello to the new visitors who have been commenting lately. I am trying to do a return visit to say hello. I like to find new blog sites and your links via my comment box is a good way to do this.


jo said...

Love the blue material but I think it's going to be a while before you can wear it. We may get some snow over the weekend!!

Gina said...

What a lovely pattern. I like the blue fabric.

wonderwoman said...

looks a lovely pattern -i made my first skirt ever a few months ago - zip and all!!! have not gotten round to making the second one yet even though i have the fabric!


Chocolate Cat said...

I am super impressed with these skirts! Funny you should say about needing a tailors dummy as I've seen 2 at reasonable prices in the last week, one in Costco and one in a discount store.

Pomona said...

I really like those skirts - and don't worry, I know how debilitating headaches can be - they completely prostrate me!

Pomona x

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