Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cupcake Knitted Pincushion Tutorial

During half-term I found this idea in my favourites. I found it on Craftzine and thought it would be a good stash buster and a fun project to do with Sophie. I decided to change the pattern to suit the wool scraps I had and to simplify it for Sophie to follow.

I used 3.5mm knitting needles and some leftovers of DK wool from my Never ending Blanket which I have been knitting for years! From here on I changed the pattern approach and simplified it so that Sophie could follow it and make better use of the stash leftovers.


You will need to knit three rectangles and each one will be bigger than the previous one knitted.

Centre Ring

Cast on 14 stitches

Knit 28 rows

cast off .

Middle Ring

cast on 14 stitches (Pink wool)

Knit 32 rows

cast off.

Outer Ring

cast on 14 stitches

Knit 40 rows

cast off.

To make the Pincushion:
Fold the rectangle so that the cast off edge meets the cast on edge. Stitch using the wool left after casting off.

You should end up with a tube shape, as shown above.

Then fold the tube back on itself as shown above. This will give quite a firm ring.

Turn it over so that you can see the folded edge, this is the top side of the centre of your pincushion.

Do the same with the other two rectangles and you should end up with three folded rings as shown above.

Now for the really fun bit. Place the rings one inside the other and push down a little bit. I was surprised at just how firm and strong this little pincushion was turning out to be!

The next stage is to add a few discreet stitches here and there to keep the layers together. I did seem to have more of a gap in the centre than the example on Craftzine, not sure why either. You can have the layers quite flat or....

...or quite high. Whatever you decide to do work it out before stitching the layers together.

It did strike me at this point how much it looked like a cupcake so I added a bright red pompom to the top of mine.

This was such fun to make and quite quick. It would an ideal stash buster and stocking fillers too. Let me know if you have a go at this. I shall certainly make some more of these over the coming weeks.

My new Knitting club group starts after school tomorrow, I shall let you know how we get on. Sophie is going to be dropped off at big school so that she can join in as well.



Gina said...

What a fun little project. Thanks for sharing that!

Chocolate Cat said...

What a great and 'easy' looking project !

Julie said...

Thank you for the tutorial, this is a lovely little project.

Primrose Corner said...

Love the pincushion. I think you're right it'd be a great thing to add to a Christmas stocking for a 'sewing' friend.

Suzie Sews said...


twiggypeasticks said...

Great project, even I should be able to manage it with my sad knitting skills :) Yours looks great
Twiggy x

jo said...

How cute is this!! I love it.

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