Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Scrappy Christmas Block Swap

I signed up for this swap which is being organised by Modernjax and I had a second envelope arrive today with two more blocks in it. That makes 4 blocks and two more in the post somewhere. I have now made mine and popped them in the post on Saturday.

These are 6 out of the 7 that I made. the 7th one is for a charity quilt that is going to be put together. I was able to use up stash and only got one lighter fat quarter to enable me to split up the darker colours a little bit.

The centre of this square shows a piece of fabric that I have had for years. Seems odd to think that it is now on its way to the US.

I was sent three little centre squares from one of my swap group and I enjoyed doing these blocks so much that I am going to complete these three little squares wait for the others and then decide what I am going to make them all into. The blocks were made to a certain formula so that they all ended up the same size.

The tutorial used can be found HERE.

Basically the centre is 3.5" square. You then cut strips 1.5" and strips of 1.75". Start off by sewing a row using the 1.5" strips, then the second row is made using the 1.75" strips and so on. Alternating between the two sizes of strips each time you do a new row. You end up doing four rows to get a 12.5" x 12.5" block. It works too!!

I am going to do a photographic version of this when I make my next three blocks but until then give it a go.

We had a lovely day at The House of Marbles on Bovey Tracy. Blue skies, sun. I even needed sun lotion on! I have just found out that there is a quilting shop there called Serendipity. I did not know/forgot about this shop (Oh wail of despair!!) Next time, next time! On the way back we stopped in at Trago because it is about the only place where I have been able to find pickling onions. I did not make any last year and we really missed them at Christmas. So guess what part of my day tomorrow is going to be all about.

Take care all xx


Gina said...

Love the blocks.

oops to the quilt shop. If you had said earlier that you were going there I could have given you the heads up in time. never mind as you said there's always next time.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

wonderwoman said...

your blocks are lovely. will be thinking of your tomorrow pickling your onions!!! my dad always used to do mine.


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