Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fantastic Felt....

You may remember in my last post that I had brought home a half made felt sample to try and develop it further. Sophie had a little go before she ended up making her own felt picture.

Ages ago I had bought a felting book and read it many times, but as is sadly often the case, time to do anything never came about.....until now.

I bought the needle felting tool separately and to be honest I did not really like it. The felt wool tops shown in the picture are quite bright and this gave me an idea.

I carried on with it but I eventually started using the needles from Hobby craft without handle and I got on much better with it. I played around with a couple of ideas and ended up combining some.

I cut out some basic shapes from felt sheets and then needle felted on top of these. Leaves and flowers mainly. As you can see above.

The flowers are based on my felt book cover designs and I shall be making some more of these using needle felting for later in the year (I shall resist typing the word but it involves a decorated tree). I laid out the felted pieces on top of the backing to see where to put them, then I needle felted a few stems in.

Next I added the leaves and finally the flowers. I had great fun with this and once Sophie had gone to bed I carried on! The crazy background colours seemed to go quite well with the bright flowers and wool tops.

The backing helped to keep it all together and gave a good base to work on. Like Sophie I wanted to fully finish the picture so when we bought Sophie's frame I found one too.

A close up of the centre of the felt picture. I think a little something is needed in the bottom right hand corner to balance it all out a little better which is why I did not cut or try to get the piece to fit the frame until I was really sure. I removed the glass too otherwise all my hard work would have been squashed.

I really enjoyed making this and once I have added a little here and there it will go on display. I have a little wooden frame upstairs which needs a piece of work in it and I think some felting might be the answer. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic!

picciolo said...

I love the bright colours and the 3-d textures!
: )

Miss Gina Designs said...

Very nice! Love the colors!

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