Monday, 4 May 2009

Sunny Days

Saturday and Sunday
We have been very lucky with the weather this weekend, so we decided to have a go at the garden. Hubby quickly put another coat of paint on the garage door, Sophie played a bit and I tidied the kitchen. We then tidied up a little bit and decided what he might need to get from the garden centre.

Last weekend I bought this...

When we moved to our current house I brought some of my pots and containers with me and I had several daisy plants like this. They were about 12+ years old and last year did not really do anything so I bought the next generation of daisy plant. So I spent some of the morning emptying old patio pots, sorting out the soil for roots etc and recycling it into these posts. Even Gardenrs world say this is a good thing to do rather than throwing the old compost etc away. I have been doing it for years.
So after my patio pot sorting Hubby needed to go to the tip along with his grass cuttings. When he came back we went of to B&Q for some very selective shopping. When I was there is found a plant which I have in my garden but did not know what it was!

This plant appeared out of nowhere a few years ago and I could not find out where it had come from or what is was called. However, I walked out the back of B&Q and there it sat. i was very excited and found Hubby to show him. It is called Granny's Bonnet. I really like this plant, it is pretty, takes no looking after, it produces many seeds which can be sprinkled wherever you want and the plants can be easily divided and re-planted. I had one plant and I now have 6! The fact that I have a name for it is even better.

I did quite well with spinach in a bucket last year so I planted some lettuce to see how that goes this time. Just got to keep the slugs off

I potted up three hanging baskets with Geraniums, Bizzie Lizzes and lobelia. I used to have glorious hanging baskets when I lived in Menheniot, I used to get people walk past our house and comment on them, but since living here they have been rather pants.

I had to treat myself to this plant because it is called a Pincushion plant!! Oh yes, it screamed out 'Buy me! Please buy me!' So I did.

Whilst I was potting plants for all I was worth Hubby suddenly decided to move the compost heap! He did ask if his bum looked big in his overalls! We need to move the compost heap so that we can put the fence up anyway, just did not know that it would be there and then. Luckily we had already used quite a bit of it on the garden so there was not too much to remove. Sophie thought this was excellent fun, the chance to make a mess and it was ok. So she put on her teeny gardening gloves and helped. She was a star all day. We really are blessed with this little lady.

(Today another coat of paint was quickly added, and the last coat, before we worked on finishing Sophie's room but more on that tomorrow as this post has taken too long as blogger has been playing up0 again.)

In the end we were working outside from about 1pm until 6.30pm. Sophie and I had a little break when hubby went to the tip. If I did not burn off some calories doing all that digging and planting then I do not know what else I can do. Boy did we sleep well! Hubby ached this morning but I did not so I am not quite the old fossil that I have been feeling lately as this cold has really brought me down. Breathing is still not normal but I think the longer weekend may have helped.

Work tomorrow and exam deadlines and meeting this week! Oh what joy.



kleinzonnetje said...

Goodness! a very busy weekend. we've planted out some potatoes into pots this year. The children are thrilled and I'm curiously waiting to see what will happen!

Kitty said...

I've always known those purple flowers as 'aquilegias' - I love them. My grandma used to grow them in so many colours. I must get some for this garden: maintenance free is the way to go!


wonderwoman said...

well what a busy day and so much done, its soo satisfying when that happens - lots of lovely plants - we have that pincushion one but i didn't know thats what its called!


Lesley's Creations said...

Wow, what a busy day you had. Great plants. There's nothing like a satisfying day out in the garden. Wonderful! xx

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