Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Skirting the Issue.....

I bought this fabric just before Christmas from Ikea and the pattern last summer. I want Year10 to have a go at something fairly straight forward and I decided this skirt was it. New Look 6637 with sizes 8-18.

I hate cutting up patterns, they are so flimsy in the first place, bits go missing etc, so I prefer (and out of years of doing so) I trace off the pattern and then keep the original in its packet.

I confess that I do not have any construction pictures because I made this at work. My lesson planning takes a different form to others, to make something it is easier for the students to understand if they can see what it will look like when it is finished. Also I do not have a big enough table at home for cutting out clothes.
Even though this is a basic wrap around skirt there are plenty of learning opportunities and I will ask them to use the over-locker to neaten all of the seams. Plus understanding what darts are and how you can use them to adjust the fit. Hems, making the tie fastening etc. I would make one change though. The instructions recommend a ribbon tie on the inside but I found it 'slipped' undone a little too easily so a thin stay tape may be a better answer. Once it was finished I had it hung up in my classroom and it did attract quite a lot of attention.
"Does it fit?" I hear you ask.....

Front View
Yes it does!! Although it may take some time to iron out that blasted crease! I really do need to get a tailors dummy of some kind. I really miss the ones we had at college.

Back View

The pattern says 2 hours on the front and it would have done if I did not have to thread up the over-locker, trace off the pattern etc. It will take the girls longer than 2 hours but not much.

I enjoyed making this so much that I have already cut out another. This time I am going to make the seam allowance a little narrower so that the over-locker can skim the edge rather than have too much left as it does make turning the hem up more bulky on the seam joins.

Fabric for skirt No. 2 also from IKEA.

There is also a shorts pattern and I have some pink gingham upstairs......I will have a think about it.

Take care.



twiggypeasticks said...

Brilliant, great pattern and the fabric is gorgeous.
twiggy x

Gina said...

Fabulous skirt - very Boden (at a fraction of the price I should imagine!)

picciolo said...

hi, it looks great! I used the same fabric for some cushions, it does look good as a skirt
: )

Anonymous said...

I've seen that Ikea fabric around and absolutely love it!! And it looks terrific as a skirt!

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoing catching up with all the fun stuff on your blog. cute skirt! I wish our IKEA sold fabric!
take care,
:) Missy

wonderwoman said...

brilliant skirt and a great pattern - looks fantastic - 2 hours, wow!


Darling Petunia said...

LOVE that! I always want to buy fabric at Ikea, until I get there. Then I can't make up my mind what to get! I've used that pattern's a good one!

RheLynn said...

pretty skirt!

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