Sunday, 24 May 2009

Refashion Sophie's Flowery Top...

Sophie loves the flowers on this top and we have not been able to find another one like it. It fits in the body but my daughter has very long arms (and legs). So I asked her what should we do with it and she asked me to cut it so she could wear it again. Fairly open requirements I thought. I did find some edging and this time Sophie said that she wanted a little more added to the change that she did for the jeans.

Firstly, I cut the sleeves off by following the edge of the armhole, right up close to the overlocked edge.

Sophie then chose some pink bias binding which I then pinned firstly on the inside of each armhole.

Using the sewing machine, follow the crease in the binding with straight stitch. Keep the stitching in the crease of the binding so that the binding maintains an even width.

You then need to carefully fold the biding over the edge so that it fully covers the raw edge. I strongly advise that you pin this as you go so as to stop it from moving whilst sewing on the machine.

This is a close up of the binding on the edge of the flowery top. Matching thread goes a long way to keep everything looking neat and it hides any wobbly sewing.

With the left over sleeve bits I made a scrunchie.

I read in a newspaper that on BBC 2nd June there will be a series starting called Mary, Queen of Charity shops programme. The same lady did a programme a short while ago on how small fashion shops could increase their business by making some sounds changes to their shops and stock. Thought this might be interesting and might pick up a few ideas.

Been a glorious sunny day today with deep blue skies so we have been at the beach today.

More of the same tomorrow we hope.xx


Carol VR said...

What a fantastic idea, an you made it look so easy to boot.

Thanx for the tip!!!

Josie said...

It looks great! I'm all for re-fshioning items.

Josie x

ps) your prize arrived safe and sound, thank you,will blog about it shortly

twiggypeasticks said...

Looks great Andrea, well done.
Twiggy x

Chocolate Cat said...

What a great way of giving a favorite top some extra life! Love the matching scrunchie.

Country Bliss said...

Looks great, I love refashioning.
Yvonne x

Kitty said...

That's great! I'm a great one for chopping legs off to make trousers cropped, but hadn't though to do the same with sleeves.

PS Love, love, love the stitching in your last post.


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