Friday, 10 April 2009

Cath Kidston Brochure..take a look

This arrived just before I went away. Gosh I could spend a small fortune very easily!! Since ordering from them last year I now get sent these lovely brochures which are more like magazines. These will not be thrown out any time soon and the pictures are beautifully styled and taken. It is almost worth emailing them for the brochure alone. However you do run the risk of weakening and buying something! I have picked some of my favourite pages for you.
To spend money buying a purse to store your money in seems daft but who said shopping had to make sense? These look like they could last along time.
I do like snap purses too. This pink paisley pattern would suit any age range.
Don't they look lovely hanging up like this?

My breakfast table never looks this nice. More chaotic in our house I would say.All I can say is yum, yum fabric!!!Could sewing be any more enjoyable? Well maybe yes with some of these sewing bits.


Ooooo bags , bags glorious bags. I think I feel a little faint best get a cup of tea. See more here.

Have fun



summersadie said...

Oh i LOVE CK. Thanks for the peek!

silverpebble said...

Gorgeous - I've just been browsing and swooning. Emma x

Kitty said...

Do you know, the only CK we have in this house is my oven gloves, and No.1's pencil case?! x

MelMel said...

Ooohhhh tis lovely!

I have enjoyed looking at mine a few times!
Sp well put together!
Clever CK!!xxx

Gina said...

What a gorgeous catalogue. Full of temptation! Happy Easter! x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely catalogue, and lovely inspirational blog!!! Can't wait till I have more pennies to spend!!!!

Enjoy your Easter

Sharon xx

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh you are mean to show us this!!! So much I'd love!

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