Monday, 30 March 2009

Summer Time is on its way..honestly!

I am trying to stick to one of my New Year Resolutions to actually make use of the little online shops that I have joined as I did not really give much attention to them last year as I might have done. I made loads of things but they stay in my sewing room. Not anymore (hopefully).
So I feel that Spring and Summer are in the air so I have been finishing off a few bags that have been cut out. (along side a creative swap 12x12" Quiltie).

I have made another one similar to this with a different colour proportion and I do not think I ever showed it to you. Tut Tut.

This has been listed on Etsy and it was when I was putting it away that I found the other one hung up! I will do that tomorrow as I find listing rather boring I am sorry to say.

I have been spending much of the weekend cutting out or decorating Sophie's room. I did manage to embroider the missing square for my blue and white quilt. I shall sew it together then show you an update. It is going a little better than the last one I made. Therefore I have not much else to show you but there are plenty of things in the pipeline. I also hope to do a tutorial over Easter as I have one that is part done and it has been a while since I posted a tutorial.

I have had my first Bag sale on Etsy and it was this one...

Tomorrow it will be winging its way to Denver, USA.
Sophie is sleeping in the attic conversion while we are doing her room and she can not hear my sewing machine going. So I am taking advantage of this by doing some machine embroidery on this 12x12" quilt, get the noisy bit out of the way while my husband watches Robson Greene frightening some fish on 'Extreme Fishing' or whatever it is called.
So I shall see you again, tomorrow most likely.
Take care


wonderwoman said...

lovely bags as ever and congrats on the sale.!


picciolo said...

congratulations on your bag sale!
: )

Primrose Corner said...

Love the way you've made the handles on these bags. Really stylish. May you have many more sales.... :)

Jennie said...

congratulations on your bag sale. they are gorgeous.

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