Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Valentine's Day @ Indigo Blue

I have been thinking Rosy posy thoughts this week in shades of pink and red!!
Some lovely door handle decorations. Mind you, they could hung anywhere really.

These are being added to my Etsy shop and Folksy Shop. Hopefully they will because blogger has been playing up and it took me aggggeeessss to load up just one!
There some cards to follow once I have loaded the picture.
Many thanks for you lovely comments about the Wiggly Bags. We enjoyed making them and I have had an enquiry from a blogger friend who works in a Cancer Hospital in America. So we may be able to help there too but I need to get in touch with Gina first.
Well, I need to pop off and cut some fabric for my students to use tomorrow.
Only a short post today but more later.
Take care.


Nan said...

I hope you got my email today announcing "IT CAME!!!" Just when we were about to give up hope!

I am working on my post right now and just came by to copy your blog address to make a link, you'll have to check in with me in awhile, it's taking me awhile since I have to resize my giant pictures first! LOL!! I am so ExCiTed!!! ;)

twiggypeasticks said...

Oooo lovely hearts !!! Bet they sell well lady. Have you entered my MIFFY giveaway yet? if not get over here.
Twiggy x

Lynn said...

OOHHH, they are just delicious hearts, girl you are talented.

Jennie said...

They are really pretty. I hope they sell super fast!

Kitty said...

Such pretty hearts. No.1 has a heart door decoration on her bedroom door - they really do make it look lovely. x

inkberryblue said...

My goodness ~ I am always amazed at how productive you are! The hearts are very pretty. I love the idea of door decorations... and it's fabulous that you are doing charity work with your students ~ I think it's so good for children to do things for others. (I know it always made me feel like I was a worth while person when I was a teenager.)

Primrose Corner said...

Wow - they're lovely. You've such an eye for shape and colour. I like the long heart with the three buttons.

funkymonkey said...

I love them all.


fairychildheirlooms said...

Ooo! your hearts are so pretty!

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